5 Ways to Go Green with Your Cleaning Routine

Updated November 4th, 2022

Living in the era of such great cleaning products, we can find ourselves very confused in a shop in the house cleaning department. There is a different product for everything in our home: dishes, windows, floors, bathrooms, even every segment of bathroom, clothes, furniture. Most of them are so strong that they annihilate every single germ and have very serious environmental and health implications, because of their toxic side effects. So, we better think twice before we start cleaning, we do not want to make things worse. We can use so many natural products to keep our house clean, which are much safer. If we do this often enough, there will be no need for some extra strong cleaners, and we will be living in clean houses most of the time.

Stick to water, soap and a piece of cloth

There are so called antibacterial cleaners, but try to avoid them. Although they are believed to do clean better than simple soap and water, there is a much higher risk of developing so-called super germs. Super germ is bacteria which is very dangerous because it survives chemical cleaners and is much harder to remove. So, be satisfied with a multi surface cleaner, some disinfectant that will do cleaning on different kinds of hard surfaces. It can be used on sinks, tubs and tile, as well as on door and door handles, kitchen counters and cabinets, and even floors. Spray them on the surface, if needed do some scrubbing with a sponge and wipe with a clean piece of cloth, washable in your washer. Instead of dropping them into garbage, simply toss them in your washer, and use them again.

Your cleaning routine should go green

Using cleaning products that do not contain harsh chemicals and fragrances is a much safer way of cleaning our homes especially if we have little children with sensitive skin, or pets. There are products with plant-based ingredients, and they are a healthier and more sustainable solution for they are environment-friendly. And as we already said, there is no actual need for so many different harsh cleaners if we use them frequently, so they also cut our household waste and are cheaper. Using eco-friendly cleaners in your cleaning routine makes your home healthier, because every product we use evaporates, and we breath substances that we used for cleaning. So, be kind to yourself, instead of harsh cleaners use cleaners that are already available in your cabinets as vinegar and baking soda.

Make your own air fresheners

Every home has its own odor, depending on how many people live there and their age, cooking habits, and smoking habits. There are so many air fresheners out there in the shops which can cover the odors. But is it healthy to use them all the time in our living and working space?

The easiest way to refresh the indoor air is to open windows frequently. Boiling cinnamon can help, as well as boiling some other herbs like rosemary, lavender or basil. And they can even be served as tea.

Another nice trick is to drop some natural scented oil on a paper napkin and put it in a bowl with dried flowers. When the scent is gone, just put some more drops on a fresh napkin.

Surround yourself with plants, every spot that has natural light can be used for keeping those pretty oxygen producers. And if there are some dark spots that can be used for a plant, you can give the plant lots of artificial light and it will give you cleaner air in return.

Consider a dish brush instead of sponge

When it comes to washing the dishes, we already know that a dishwasher saves lots of water. Still, there is always some hand washing to be done. Instead of using the sponge which is supposed to be changed weekly, you can use a dish brush, which does an even better job than sponge sometimes and lasts longer. Just put it in the dishwasher from time to time.

Use eco-friendly detergent for your laundry

It is very important to wear clean clothes every day, but we do not need to use harsh and highly scented detergents for that purpose. It is much better to use eco-friendly detergents and if we want to go further with our sustainable habits, we can use products free of color and scent. They will also be tender to our skin.

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