5 Home Projects Worth the Cost in Pennsylvania

Updated July 15th, 2023

Owning a home can sometimes feel like a never-ending project. When you finish one project, it’s time to renovate another room. It can also be difficult to prioritize projects and choose the ones most likely to make the biggest difference and offer the most in terms of resale value. Here are a few home projects worth the cost if you live in Pennsylvania.


Landscaping boosts both your curb and resale value. With the right landscaping, you can boost your home’s curb appeal and make it look the best on the block. In fact, numerous studies show that professional landscaping not only helps your home sell faster but can also result in a higher selling price.

A few examples of great landscaping projects to complete at your Pennsylvania home include a well-maintained lawn, nicely trimmed scrubs, large, mature trees, and lush garden beds. The flowers you add can also make a difference. Annuals are flowers that only last for the season, meaning you’ll have to replant them yearly. Perennial plans, however, continue growing each season. You can also use landscaping projects to add to the privacy of your yard.


According to the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors, outdoor projects offer some of the highest return on investment (ROI). Hardscaping includes any nonliving outdoor element, such as patios, decks, retaining walls, or pergolas. A hardscape design makes your home stand out from others in your neighborhood and increases your entertaining space.

Hiring patio contractors means more room to enjoy barbeques and host parties outdoors during the summer and fall months. You can also get creative with your hardscaping plans. An outdoor living space with ample room for seating is sure to become one of the favorite parts of your home. Installing an outdoor kitchen also allows you to cook and serve meals to guests without having to track dirt and mud indoors. If you’re unsure what hardscaping designs best suit your space, consider working with a professional to create your dream backyard.

Technology Updates

Technology updates to your home are also typically worth the investment. Installing security cameras and locks helps keep your family safe. Hard-wired technologies can also boost your home’s resale value. Adding exterior lighting to your property along the walkways, outside the garage, and on all porches also improves the safety of your home.

Other technology updates to consider in your home include automatic sprinklers, a smartphone-controlled garage door, smart plugs, and an automatic thermostat. Add in a few Ring cameras to monitor your home when you’re away. You could even invest in a few smart appliances. Smart appliances are modern and increase your home’s efficiency, making them an excellent selling point.


Upgrading or refinishing your home’s floors significantly adds value. One of the first things that buyers look for when shopping for new homes is the floors. Updating flooring may also include laying new carpet or removing existing carpet and replacing it with an alternative flooring solution. Flooring is also one of the updates that photograph well, making it easy to show the updates in listings.

Don’t forget about the flooring in your garage. Consider rolled-out rubber or PVC mats if you’re looking for a flooring project that’s easy and affordable. You could also lay garage or flooring tiles for a more cozy design. The great thing about carpet tiles is that they can easily be replaced without replacing the whole flooring. Some homeowners may enjoy painting the garage flooring with epoxy paint.


Many homeowners express a lack of storage as being one of the things they dislike most about their current homes. You might consider a few DIY or professionally installed storage projects to increase the space in your home. You could add shelves in the basement or turn a space underneath the stairs into an extra closet.

Don’t forget about the potential for outdoor storage. Installing an outdoor shed also gives you more yard space for a beautiful brick patio or outdoor entertainment space. Planning for an outdoor kitchen gives you plenty of storage space for your outdoor cooking equipment. You can also use increased storage to hold outdoor furniture during the colder winter months.

Home projects allow you to turn your home into a space that fits you and your family. Yet, because all projects come at a price, it may be important to prioritize them in order and choose the ones that offer the best results. Pennsylvania homeowners often benefit from landscaping and hardscaping projects. These updates allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces in the summer while also increasing their homes’ value.

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