Saving money and looking good while keeping you and your family safe. That is our goal. We have filtered through a wide array of security tricks, tips and devices to deliver you a list to keep you covered.

How To Choose The Best Gun Safe Under 1000

Whether you’re just an avid collector of any type of firearm, rifle and handgun, like to have a varied range of firearms for your hunting expeditions or just feel safer knowing you have a few options to choose from should you need to protect yourself and your family, you will know that guns don’t come…
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How A Hidden Wall Gun Safe Can Work In Your Home

The world of James Bond makes us think of covert and dangerous operations, where the agent sets out to uncover a previously stolen precious gem or sort-after painting, locked away in a secret and mysterious location. We can picture the devilishly gorgeous spy pressing a little button, whilst taking a puff from his smoking cigar, and…
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Shopping For The Best Biometric Gun Safe On A Budget

In today’s technologically crazy world, there are few elements in our lives that are unique and 100% original. We have to wonder if we, as a human race, have thought of every conceivable new invention possible. Have we given birth to the maximum amount of original and mind-blowing ideas?  The answer may be different depending…
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Why You Need A Tactical Gun Safe

You already have a good, solid gun safe.   It has served you well, but that was 5 years ago and you have built up quite a collection now. The current safe just does not work anymore. It looks a mess with firearms lying on top of one another and the rifles always falling out each…
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