Living Room

The mix and match of a unique lounge setting is one of the hardest tasks for an interior designer. Not to worry, we have you covered with some practical tips and tricks to have the most comfortable and stylish lounge area in the neighborhood.

How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet And Not Panic Either

Oops! Spilling anything on a carpet always results in that ‘OMG’ moment where you end up staring at the mess for a while and then go into full on panic mode. Don’t! Panic mode leads to you pouring all sorts of nonsense onto the spot possibly making it worse. Coffee can be a particularly dodgy offender, especially…
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Why is My Smoke Alarm Chirping?

There is nothing more irritating than a constant, monotonous, high-pitched noise that, while you lay in bed, wide awake, you know it is a noise you probably wont be able to get rid of easily. Well, one such noise that may be plaguing you is the constant chirping from your smoke alarm. “Why is my…
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Power Recliner Sofa – New Way of Comfort Living?

This is the question that a lot of people are asking themselves reading articles about home improvement. And the growing trend for sofas on American market speaks for itself. And, basically, provides a response to this rhetoric question. Those who decide on purchasing one of these powered couches are simply trying to develop their homes,…
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Recliners for Small Spaces: Overview

If you live in a big city like Seattle (WA or Los Angeles, CA) and own a luxurious apartment downtown, regardless of how luxurious it might be, space is always something you are concerned about when buying new stuff for your apartment. And, of course, in today’s consumer-oriented market, there is not a thing you…
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