What’s better than cooking the perfect meal? Doing it in style! Let us provide you with some hints and ideas on how to have the most desired kitchen in your circle of friends.

The Best Vegetable Steamer For An Easy Supper Routine

In today’s busy and time-sensitive world we live in, we all need ways to speed up every day mundane activities. Cooking hits the top of most people’s lists.  I know it does for me! And if we are, to be honest eating healthy is also another niggle that we need to attend to but feel…
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Cooking With An Electric Smoker Made Easy

You splashed out and invested in an electric smoker!  Awesome! You've invited the neighbors for a little smoker-warming and you're in a panic. Now, you need to cook in it! Don't have a clue? Well, take a load off, stop eyeing out the new alien in the room with a nervous eye and let us…
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How to Smoke a Whole Chicken in Electric Smoker

It has to be said that cooking chicken normally gets mixed responses from most people. If you’re at a barbecue, most times, people don’t cook chicken as easily as they would other meat. Reason being is that you can take a perfectly good chicken from tender to dry in seconds. Whilst with other meats like…
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The Simple How-To of Smoking Pork Butt in Electric Smoker

So, you’ve given the barbecue a break and you are going to take a step into the wild side of smoking meat. You’re one brave and daring guy or gal! No, we are serious. Attempting to smoke any meat in an electric smoker is no child’s play. It is an all day affair and takes…
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